CYNET 360°

Information Systems Security

What’s Cynet 360°?

In addition to the viruses, there are several infections that your company computers may contract due to incorrect Internet browsing habits, holes in the protection of networks and devices, direct attacks by hackers. If you are looking for a solution that can protect your business PCs from threats that lurk on the World Wide Web, that can compromise confidentiality and security of data and documents, you can rely on CYNET 360 °. This is the solution proposed by SAB Consulting in collaboration with an important company in the security sector for information systems.

This software, which can be modulated and integrated according to your specific needs, is able to detect the most sophisticated cyber attacks, such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and zero-day attacks: the first are typical of industrial espionage and are used for stolen information protected by the installation of malicious code on one or more computers, the second take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the software installed on the terminals that are not known neither to the supplier nor to the company that uses them.

The advantages of CYNET 360 °:


This agentless solution allows virtual machines not to duplicate anti-malware scan agents.


The program is quick and easy to install, does not weigh on the performance of the machine and requires no maintenance.


Cynet automatically evaluates threats by determining risk levels, always providing reliable results.


Cynet 360 adapts to your needs, covering a variable number of machines at an affordable price.

How does CYNET 360° work?

Cynet 360° uses a unique threat detection approach that examines and crosses data from four critical areas: files, user behavior, networks and endpoints.

The Cynet 360 ° approach allows you to detect malware, potential threats and security holes that have never been identified before, which are able of bypassing the most common scan systems.

In addition, potential threats are automatically identified and assessed by the software to determine risk levels and ensure maximum security for IT departments. The latter will benefit from a lightening of the workload and they will also be able to count on secure data for the corrective actions to be taken to secure networks and data.

Cynet 360° can be installed in a few hours and requires no IT resources for operation and maintenance. The agentless solution affects neither user data or privacy, nor system availability or performance.

Cynet 360 ° provides a global, productive, guided intelligence approach for the detection and elimination of cyber attacks.

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