ITsMine – Beyond DLP

ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ solution is a leading data loss prevention (DLP) solution used by companies to automatically protect themselves against internal and external threats.

ITSMine’s Beyond DLP™ adopts a proactive approach to protect data inside and outside company boundaries. Beyond DLP ™ secures and protects all three phases of digital data, using artificial intelligence, behavior analysis and deception techniques. ITsMine’s DLP solution is built to protect data from the inside out, differentiating between two attack vectors and managing them automatically.

External striker/attacker

Someone outside the company who exploited an employee’s internal endpoint to damage or steal data.

The ITsMine answer

Automatically blocks and isolates the compromised endpoint and provides important forensic information to the security department even after data exfiltration.

Internal employee

Someone within the organization who intentionally or involuntarily used improperly, exposed or damaged the company data.

The ITsMine answer

Detect anomalous behavior and calculate risk levels to automatically block the activity or, alternatively, to educate and authorize employees to manage critical data with appropriate care.

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